Injury Rehab/Physical Performance Training

DP Sports will assist you in returning to full competitve match physical fitness with our final phase rehabilitation programs.


First a player will be seen by a physiotherapist who we will soon have on site, the injury will be diagnosed and the relevant treatment will be recommended.


Once a player/individual has been through their treatment and signed off from the initial treatment period the player can begin final phase rehabilitation and physical performance training sessions with DP Sports.


The focus of the sessions are to prepare the player for return to competitive training sessions and games by firtsly focusing on isolating the affected area and rebuilding strength. This will be followed by gradual increases in intensity of exercise specific to the area affected and also the types of movements which are demanded by the sport in which they participate. Also providing sports massage therapy options by one of our highly recommened sports therapists further assisting a full and fit return to competitive games.



If you would like more information about injury rehabilitation and physical performance training feel free to contact us using the email address provided in the Contact Us page or via social media on the Get Social With Us page.